About Me

Hello! I’m Ian. I have a broad range of business experience (including sales, account management, inventory management, business development, and marketing) that has been acquired serving multiple industries - including pharmaceutical/healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, landscape/irrigation/construction, retail, and technology.

I go above and beyond what is expected, and am continuously curious to understand things happening around me - this has led to me receiving promotions at every company I have worked at. I am never afraid to ask questions and understand how to use my resources to find answers if one isn’t clear.

I love finding new ways to do a process more efficiently or adding another element of value. Technology has always been a passion for me, and being able to improve how other people get value out of technology drives me.

My Journey

I have always wanted to help others, which I believe pulled me towards the hospitality field initially. Although I enjoyed creating outstanding experiences through my hospitality, I wanted to explore more ways to improve people's lives that offered me a more regular schedule.

I have always been curious about how things work, and enjoy problem-solving

Welcome to my portfolio. Although I'm just beginning my official UX Designer journey. I have spent my entire career focused on creating the best possible experience for all the users of the various products I have represented. Empathy has been deep-rooted in my DNA since childhood, and I constantly strive to enhance other people's lives. My passion is to grow how technology impacts and improves even the simplest of tasks.

From working at the Apple Store, to becoming an Assistant Manager of Food & Beverage at a prestigious private club, to most recently being a Business Development Manager for a tech startup, all of my previous experiences have molded me into the professional that I am today.