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Simple - Stylish - Quality

A new food-ordering mobile app concept designed to decrease the time needed for users to select and order food. I reinvented the process allowing users to:

  • Locate restaurants near them

  • browse images of app-suggested menu items based on the user's inputted preferences.

  • order food through the app and receive status updates.

A new multi-platform concept to connect users to non-profit organizations and other like-minded users around them. Users can find new organizations; see events that need volunteers; message any questions directly to organizations; donate money to an organization or share a donation link from other social networks; and communicate directly with other volunteers, either before an event or after.

A responsive eCommerce website that goes beyond typical custom sweatshirt design. Users can explore completed designs of others' custom-designed sweatshirts to spark their own inspiration. Once users have inspiration, they can then build their own custom sweatshirts in a simple sequence.

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